The CUTS Program.

Cutting U to Success (CUTS) Barber & Hairstyling program teaches young men and women the skilled trade of hairstyling. Today’s generation is interested in their image. It effects their friends, self-confidence and now more than ever, having a well-groomed appearance is crucial to one’s success.
The CUTS program helps young people build self-esteem while gaining knowledge and experience in hair-cutting. Every week, numerous students receive full haircuts and/or outlines. Our licensed instructor guides each student as they perform on others. Trust is a huge part of our program and students feel empowered, while at the same time breaking down barrier and stereotypes. Participants are introduced to basic, level one haircuts and gradually work their way up to more intricate fades, outlines and designs. More importantly students learn communication skills, customer service and marketing skills that contribute to the valuable life skill of being a hairstylist.

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