Peter Karl Youngren


Peter has spent over two decades working in the not-for-profit space; specifically with educational institutions. He started his career at nineteen in a refugee camp in Rwanda in 1994. It was here that he saw first-hand how powerful charitable work can be in transforming even the most horrific circumstances.

Since then Peter has founded two large-scale charities; working in over 1200 schools across fifty-five school boards. He has worked with all levels of government to implement unique, educational programming for young people.

To date, over 600,000 students, teachers and parents have been impacted by programming designed by Peter and his team.




 Farrah has been in the Insurance industry for over 17 years.  She started as an administrative assistant and worked her way up to upper level management.  She has been a key player in growing the company to over 250 million annually.  In 2011, Farrah decided to go back to school to pursue an MBA while still working full-time.  Being a single mom with two young boys, it was a struggle. However, Farrah graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2013.

Farrah still works in insurance but also runs a Real Estate Investment company.

“I have always wanted to find a way to help children.  They are like sponges and the right guidance and attention can go a long way.  Working with Create gives me the opportunity I was looking for.” Farrah



Jeffrey is a leader, coach, and motivator. He has worked exclusively in the payments industry for over 15 years and has represented some of the largest companies in the world such as Heartland Payment Systems and NCR. Jeff is committed to serving small to mid-sized business owners across the country with honesty and transparency.

Jeff is the Managing Partner of Go Create Payments; a company that donates up to 10% of its profits to charity. Every day he shares the vision of Go Create Payments while at the same time imparting the mission of its charity.

Jeff received his Bachelors in Liberal Arts from Seton Hall University.

“Create is my true mission and ultimately my legacy. To be a part of something bigger than myself that can shape young lives has filled me with immense purpose.” Jeff




Buffy Ensing 

Buffy is a driven, compassionate, highly motivated individual with a very strong heart for service.

Possessing a true passion for reading and having read much as a child, Buffy went on to obtain her degree in Literature. Armed with a deep understanding of the importance of reading in the learning process, she contributed to writing the curriculum for and taught Sunday School. This passion also sparks her tremendous and deep interest in being part of an organization that strives to teach children in fun, creative and meaningful ways. 

After sunsetting a 15 year career as an account supervisor in advertising 7 years ago, Buffy began a new career in Credit Card Processing and is currently the Director of Client Success at Pineapple Payments managing a support team of 8 as well as relationship manager for 9 large and significant partners.

"Create inspires children to enjoy learning, which is a true passion of mine. I know that these fundamental skills are crucial to life and their future success however defined."  Buffy








Raymond Siffel hails from the bluegrass state of Kentucky. He grew up as one of four brothers on a family farm in a rural community. His mother spent her career in early education and it was here that he saw first-hand the impact of finding creative ways to engage children and help them learn complex subjects.

Professionally, Raymond is the Managing Partner of Calibr Merchant Solutions; a company founded on the sole priority of finding relevant and efficient solutions for all credit card processing needs.

Raymond received his Bachelors of Arts in music from Northwestern University and he has a deep passion for all art forms.

"I see the impact of the arts being taught both in school and at home. The arts have personally helped me work through various learning disabilities, setbacks and obstacles. In many ways, the arts have provided me with valuable tools to succeed. Through Create, I want to make sure that kids are given a full and rich experience to help them tackle the future.” Raymond








Henry is a Principal at OneDigital Health and Benefits, one of the nation’s largest employee benefits advisory firms.  He has over fifteen years of experience in the insurance industry and is an expert on the Affordable Care Act and Healthcare Reform. He has lectured at numerous events as well as been a guest professor at North Carolina State University.

Henry is the Chairman of the North Carolina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Triangle Association of Health Underwriters and the Raleigh Little Theater. In addition, he serves on the Board of Advisors of the Triangle Aquatic Center.

He received his Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering at North Carolina State University.

          "I love Create because we are making a real difference in the kids' lives. We are teaching them skills that will serve them a lifetime." Henry