(Making Opportunities n’ Empowering Youth) 

The MOnEY program was formed to empower young people and awaken their entrepreneurial spirit. Young people will be challenged to think differently, work smarter, start their own business and take charge of their financial destiny. The core philosophy of the program is that every young person has the ability to finance their dreams with the right mentorship and opportunity. 


The all new DJpreneurship One-Day Program mixes the music teens love with the business skills they'll need. Whether kids are aspiring DJ's or motivated entrepreneurs they're given invaluable tools to help them make money doing what they love. The seminar covers the following: 







STUDENT ASSEMBLY - The Early Entrepreneur (70 mins)

A 70-minute presentation that challenges and empowers young people to take control of their financial destiny. Teaching fundamental, entrepreneurial principles students will be inspired to start their own business. Topics covered in this interactive assembly include: where to start, business plan development, financing, budgeting, marketing and more. No matter a participant’s background; this talk is potentially life-changing and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

ISSUES COVERED: investing, developing a plan, proper mindset, budgeting, microfinancing

Recommended for grades 7-12 as well as college students. Presentation adjusted accordingly.

Entrepreneur Luncheon

The Entrepreneur Luncheons are an intimate time for students, who have shown a commitment to pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor, are allowed to ask their financial questions to a local business leader. Guests in the past have included: Real Estate investors, Hedge Fund Managers, CEO’s and bankers.

Students are given an opportunity to develop a specific outline and strategy for their individual business ideas. Our team of successful entrepreneurs aim to equip youth with knowledge and practical life lessons. Lunch is provided.


Young Dragons Den (YDD) Finale

Just like the TV shows, Shark Tank and Dragons Den, the Young Dragons Den gives students the opportunity to create a profitable summer business with potential for real financial investments from the team. YDD Loans range from $300 to $600 and must be repaid within four months. Students get to keep their company profits and are welcome to continue on with their business.

Headshot of Business Man