Mission Statement.


A daily commitment to encourage, educate and empower young people by igniting their passion for learning through the creation process. 


  • No student, school or situation is hopeless.
  • Creative programming is key in sparking imagination.
  • Student empowerment is vital for long-term transformation.
  • Each young person is unique and should be celebrated.
  • Focusing on the good is better than focusing on the bad.

Why Create?

Creation has engaged humans since the dawn of time. Regardless of culture, creed or religion, people have felt the need to express themselves through art, music, sport, food, writing, dance and more for thousands of years.

It’s no different today! Young and old alike, from all walks of life, can be engaged through creation. It’s what makes life interesting. When a student creates, they engage their unique talents and strengths towards an end-goal. Go Create It is built on the philosophy that if creation and education can be blended together the educational experience is maximized.