Are your students struggling with stress, anxiety, addiction or other forms of dysfunctional social behavior? These issues can be addressed through a variety of simple, daily exercises found in our new BioStacking program. 

Student performance starts in the mind. BioStacking utilizes proven neuroscience tools to enhance performance and well-being among students individually and collectively.  

Below is a brief description of the five elements of BioStacking:

Focused Attention

The ancient practice of meditation is now scientifically proven to be phenomenally advantageous for the overall health of a student. Meditation, or Focused Attention as we call it, establishes new pathways in the brain that enhance focus, emotional stability, and a sense of well being.


Mindfulness, or living in the “now”, can be practiced at anytime, anywhere, by anyone. The habit of bringing mindfulness to more moments throughout the day reduces the stress response and promotes relaxation and attention.

Future Visions

Top performers routinely leverage the importance of picturing themselves succeeding in their minds before they accomplish it in reality. Future visions guide students through a process of creating clear goals attached to passion followed by guided imagery. 


Metacognition is the process of learning how to think. Metacognition has plenty to offer in the form of memory techniques, learning strategies, and overall approaches to comprehension and test taking. 


Proper nutrition and adequate sleep are both essential to being a high performer. Incorporating brain foods into your diet can enhance cognitive function, learning, and memory. And, while adequate sleep is critical for recovery, so are regular periods of non-sleep rest.

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Dr. Spero grew up in Arizona and completed his education at the University of California. He completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Scripps Mercy San Diego. 

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