Create is proud to present numerous interactive and highly-engaging in-person and virtual live streamed school assemblies for elementary, middle and high school students. Our assemblies blend humor, poignant messaging and powerful takeaways to ensure an unforgettable experience. The leadership team at Create has presented to over 600,000 students and adults over the past twenty years. When Covid-19 restrictions were imposed on schools around the world, Create was uniquely positioned to produce exciting presentations that could be enjoyed both online and in a group setting.  


Online presentations are here to stay. Even as many school boards across North America and around the world get back to a semblance of normalcy, some students are opting to stay online while others have a hybrid of in-person and online learning. Whatever your situation, Create is able to meet the needs of your school. 




A powerful anti-bullying presentation that focuses on building empathy among peers. The Empathy Challenge creates a peer-supported, pro-social environment, which naturally reduces incidences of bullying. After all – more light automatically equals less darkness.

ISSUES COVERED: new immigrants, racism, cyberbullying, physical and emotional bullying, empathy-based techniques

Recommended for grades 5-12. Presentation adjusted accordingly.


Using the music industry as a template, this financial literacy assembly teaches students business concepts that transcend all sectors of commerce. Marketing, budgeting, customer service, corporate governance and more are all covered in a fun, informative and inspirational way. Q&A is vital during the presentation and students get a chance to ask "how do I do it" questions. Students know all of the "cool stuff" associated with DJing costs money. However, we teach them the profitability of the business. They learn the fundamentals that can be used in any business. This empowering experience leaves students feeling fully energized and confident in their ability. 

ISSUES COVERED: market research, business plan, budget, execution, marketing

Recommended for grades 7-12 as well as college students. Presentation adjusted accordingly.


This unique session engages young people on an intellectual and emotional level; clearly demonstrating how relevant math is in their daily lives. Using DJ’ing as a hook; students see their required curriculum brought to life using their favorite music in a way they’ll never forget.

ISSUES COVERED: multiplication, division, percentages, decimals, fractions and ratios

Recommended for grades 4-9. Presentation adjusted accordingly.


Mental Health has been an important and ever-growing concern over the past number of decades. It effects students, teachers and parents alike. Numerous studies have no been produced demonstrating the negative physiological implicatoins of too much stress. In response to this disturbing trend, Create is proud to introduce BIOSTACKING; a scientifically proven way to improve student health and wellness. The five main areas covered are: 


ISSUES COVERED: destressing exercises, breathing, focus, gratitude, academics

Recommended for grades 5-12. Presentation adjusted accordingly.


This non-judgemental, thought-provoking presentation challenges students to evaluate their use of social media and its effects on them personally. Empathy, relationships, focus, critical thinking, bullying, time management and muich more are all covered during this timely and important discussion. 

ISSUES COVERED: cyber-bullying, empathy, focus, mental health, wellness

Recommended for grades 6-12. Presentation adjusted accordingly.


This Star Wars inspired presentation engages students with the world of coding in DJ technology. Coding is both science and art and has revolutionized the music industry. Learn how music is played off of the vinyl record, the cassette and the CD. We breakdown the MP3, coded vinyl, CDs and the latest coding technology that replaced the turntable needle, which lasted for over a century. Students will meet the "Darth Faders", "Jog Wheel Clones", "Knob Troopers" and "Button Jedi's" in this unforgettable, music infused experience. 
ISSUES COVERED: coding, electronics, hardware, software, business

Recommended for grades 6-12. Presentation adjusted accordingly.


Today Hip Hop is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. But where did it come from? Why was it created? And most importantly, what can we learn from it? The 4 Corners Assembly takes students back in time to the Bronx, New York; one of the most inequitable situations for people of color. Throughout the 70's the area was a symbol of urban decay. However, it as from these dire circumstances that Hip Hop was born. This art form blended and transcended to become a means for seeing, celebrating, experiencing, understanding, confronting and commenting on life. 

The name "4 Corners" comes from the four elements of Hip-Hop culture. They include:

1. DJing - the artistic handling of beats and music

2. Mcing, aka Rapping - putting spoken-word and poetry to a beat

2. Break Dancing - Hip-Hop's dance form

4. Graffiti - the painting of highly stylized urban art

This assembly is an enjoyable tour through history and a celebration of one of the greatest art forms in the world today. 

ISSUES COVERED: history, culture, social justice, empathy

Recommended for grades 7-12. Presentations adjusted accordingly.

Wide angle shot of presentation

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