Are you looking for a high-energy, interactive presentation for your students? Create has designed a variety of relevant talks for Elementary School, Secondary School and College students that blend humor, poignant messaging and powerful takeaways to ensure an unforgettable experience.


DJPRENEURSHIP Business Seminar (All Day) 

The all new DJpreneurship One-Day Program mixes the music teens love with the business skills they'll need. Whether kids are aspiring DJ's or motivated entrepreneurs they're given invaluable tools to help them make money doing what they love. The seminar covers the following: 










The Journey (70 mins)

A leadership training that examines the innate tools and resources within every human to accomplish their goals and purposes in life. Challenging negative habits and strengthening positive mindsets, students will be encouraged to become the very best version of themselves.

ISSUES COVERED: academic excellence, character development, motivational

Recommended for all ages. Presentation adjusted accordingly.

The Empathy Challenge (70 mins)

A powerful anti-bullying presentation that focuses on building empathy among peers. The Empathy Challenge creates a peer-supported, pro-social environment, which naturally reduces incidences of bullying. After all – more light automatically equals less darkness.

ISSUES COVERED: new immigrants, racism, cyberbullying, physical and emotional bullying, empathy-based techniques

Recommended for grades 5-12. Presentation adjusted accordingly.

The Early Entrepreneur (70 mins)

A 70-minute presentation that challenges and empowers young people to take control of their financial destiny. Teaching fundamental, entrepreneurial principles students will be inspired to start their own business. Topics covered in this interactive assembly include: where to start, business plan development, financing, budgeting, marketing and more. No matter a participant’s background; this talk is potentially life-changing and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

ISSUES COVERED: investing, developing a plan, proper mindset, budgeting, microfinancing

Recommended for grades 7-12 as well as college students. Presentation adjusted accordingly.

Math Thru Music (80 mins)

This unique session engages young people on an intellectual and emotional level; clearly demonstrating how relevant math is in their daily lives. Using DJ’ing as a hook; students see their required curriculum brought to life using their favorite music in a way they’ll never forget.

ISSUES COVERED: multiplication, division, percentages, decimals, fractions and ratios.

Recommended for grades 4-9.

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